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Every year teachers day is celebrated on 5th of September in order to pay due respect and to express sincere gratitude to the faculty members by the management of the Institute. It is always held in high esteem that teachers are the basic essence of this Institution. Special care is taken to respectfully invite the retired teachers who had enriched this institute by their invaluable contribution by imparting knowledge to so many students over the years. After presentation of gifts and mementoes the celebration is concluded with fellowship and dinner with the teachers.

Annual get-together along with family members of faculty and others staff associated with the Institute.

Normally during winter time every year management of the institute takes an opportunity to arrange an outing with much funfair to a suitable place around Kolkata. All faculty and staff members along with their immediate family members are affectionately invited to join. Arrangements for transportation, temporary accommodation, sports, breakfast and lunch, prize distribution for winners and participants in sports etc. are done with wholehearted and active participation of all. In fact, this gathering strengthens bondage of good fellow feelings .

Seminar Photos

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