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About Marine Education Charitable Trust

The Merchant Shipping Act prescribes the minimum qualifications for officers to operate merchant ships. Under the Ministry of Surface Transport, examinations are held by the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) for the grant of certificates of competency to the officers. The examination rules require that in addition to the prescribed sea service, the aspiring officers must attend preparatory courses in an approved education institute.

Marine Education Charitable Trust (MECT) conducts a number of DGS approved courses. The various courses are covered under STCW convention. The institute is devoted to meticulous planning, organising and conducting the DGS approved courses. The teaching material, aids and skill are being continuously improved and updated and new courses are being added over the years to keep pace with continuously changing technology. With years of effective teaching experience and number of qualified teachers this institute is having one of the best team of faculty in the country. A Quality management as per latest standard ISO 9001:2015 is in place. This institute has been graded as (A1), the best in the gradation during COMPREHENSIVE INSPECTION PROGRAMME (CIP) carried out by Classification society (IRS) as per DGS directive.

In Nov 2015 a new campus was inaugurated in another location mainly for conducting basic STCW courses and advance fire-fighting.

Since setting sails in the year 2000, thousands of students have been trained under the care of a cluster of academicians in this institute. We owe our current status and reputation to those academicians and strive to emulate them to make the MECT the ultimate destination for quality training and transfer of knowledge.

why m.e.c.t ?

  • It has dedicated faculties for in depth study on specific subjects.

  • It is very conveniently located in Kolkata and is well connected with all parts of city by public and private transports so that students save travel time.

  • It has opened an extended campus for courses like advanced firefighting and similar courses which cannot be conducted in main campus situated in city area.

  • It has installed a full mission approved simulator which demonstrates not only operation of various engine room machineries but also operation of modern intelligent engines. ( M.E., RT-FLEX etc,)

  • It has installed a full mission approved high voltage simulator integrated with an actual shipboard vaccum circuit breaker. Elaborate arrangements with essential equipment are in place for practical training on obtaining work permit, isolation of circuits, presence of high voltage ,proper earthing, PI and DI tests, operation of vaccum contacts and gap gauging, transformer efficiency, variable frequency drive etc.

  • It conducts DGS approved courses by giving wide coverage so that students become competent to face written and oral examinations.

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